Thursday, March 24, 2016

forever 21 dress, AA thigh highs

wearing a dress by whatevernbd

my aura! the experience of getting this done was really cool and the reading after was pretty accurate

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I'm back in NYC!

I finally moved back to New York after recovering from my knee surgeries. I have a job and an adorable room in an adorable apartment. I can't believe I'm actually here living my life again! I want to start posting on this blog since I'll have more motivation now to dress the way I used to. Here are some webcam photos of the outfit I wore today. It was 57 degrees today so everyone was pretty giddy. I even heard the ice cream man go by while I was at work. The awesome colorful windbreaker-type jacket is from Goodwill, the skirt is from Forever 21, and the shirt is an ex boyfriend's that I love because of its perfect t shirt material. 

I also wore these tights a few weekends ago when I went to Central Park with my boyfriend. They have a flame pattern that's really cool. I'm not sure who they're by anymore but I got them awhile ago from Dolls Kill. I'd say 90% of my clothing is made up of thrifted stuff now which I love. The  adorable puffy coat I'm wearing below is Gap from Goodwill that I got for $10! It's super warm and reminds me of Clueless. 

Anyway, I hope a lot of you are still here as I know Blogspot is kind of a dying thing. You can also keep up with me on instagram (@maddiegoldbeck) and follow my photography work at