Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Oasap leggings arrived after lots of waiting because the package was sent to my mom's house and arrived after I'd moved back to the city for school. I love them a lot. The second photo is a test shot from my friend's shoot that I helped him with. Lots of fun hanging out with boy models all day!

leggings c/o, shirt: search & destroy, shoes: demonia creepers and doc martens

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Chris.T.K said...

Heya! Just wanted to say I really love your blog, I came across it when Tavi Gevinson used some of your photos on her blog aaaages ago :) Love your outfits, and they've pushed me to be a bit more daring with mine!

Quick question - how do you take the photos of yourself? Does someone else help you with it, or is it with a tripod or something?

All the Best x