Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gabriella Marina Gonzalez

I don't remember how exactly I stumbled upon her designs, but I've been enamored with them ever since.

These photos are from her AW/10 collection entitled "Victorian Sci-Fi Surgery". I would wear every piece.

I'd love to wear one of these head pieces even though I doubt I could pull it off whatsoever. Imagine the stares. SS11 collection entitled "The Cyclops Apprentice".

From "Sinister Sights in Synthetic Moonlight" AW/11

From "Your Heavy Heart Pressed Against the Dusk" SS/12

They remind me of beautiful ancient armor but with a modern spin. I love body harnesses and I've been meaning to get my first for awhile. Learn more about Gabriella here

Sunday, February 5, 2012

new earrings :3 and I'm wearing the detachable collar I made from a shirt I had but didn't wear much

I've been searching for the perfect denim vest to put these patches from etsy on but haven't had any luck yet. I can't wait to show them off. I also ordered a button and sticker from Girls Get Busy Zine.

I'm way into feminism if you guys didn't know. I attended slutwalk in october and it was great. I'm not sure if I posted a picture of me at it but here's one.

Anyway, not much is up here. Just getting used to going to school again. xoxo