Thursday, June 14, 2012

knee garters by creepyyeha

self portraits I took for fun

more goodies I'd love to have from her shop <3


Eva said...

Awesome photos, you're so cool! I love your stud collar, I've been wanting one for sooooo long. I really like that pink collar too! I think I saw Arabelle ( wearing one in one of her posts a while back.

Great blog! I'll be checking back often!

xx Eva

Hvit said...

LOVE the knee garters, yeah they're creepy but super cool. Beautiful photos! :D

Anonymous said...

Those transparent creepers are so awesome!


Fashion babel said...

Photos are perfect, so are that transparent shoes/creepers!GODDESS!
I will continue reading you now, especially when I made my own blog.

Anonymous said...

Great self portraits!