Monday, May 23, 2011

Heavy Metal Lover

My grandfather was cleaning out the pool today and took the cover off for the first time since last summer.

I took this on the day of the supposed Rapture. I thought it was interesting to drive around and see everyone treating it like a normal day. I'm officially done with my first year of college and I'm staying at my grandparents' house until my dad picks me up. Then I'll be going back home to North Carolina! I've been lazy lately so my outfits haven't been up to par, but I do have a hefty wish list.

I ordered this shirt and it should be at home by the time I get there :) It's adorable.

I also ordered this wrap around earring.

I'm insanely excited for the summer weather at home. Also, if you haven't listened to Born This Way by Lady Gaga, you really should. It's my favorite of her albums so far.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011