Friday, September 16, 2011

cosmic tones for mental therapy

pinned to my tutu


Anonymous said...

i love crystal castles, and everything here is so pretty and glittery and nice

Ruby said...

I love the whole outfit, especially the tooth earrings


Kate Lasater said...

What cool earrings! Love the look of the metal against the tooth. They're great.

Laura said...

love the earring! i love things with animal teeth and that sort of thing! your style is so rad, i love it!

im just starting to blog, if you have time, check it out at

i'd really appreciate it! :)

Don't Think Twice said...

love your hair, and this skirt is awesome^^

xoxo dear! :)

Sarah Deetz said...

you are so cute & I love glitter near my bottom eyelid too! <3