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I know the vampire fad is really old by now, and I'm kind of ashamed to say I went through a Twilight phase when I was 16, but now I've watched all 3 seasons of True Blood in 4 days so I'm kind of obsessed again. I love vampires because of how tough and bad ass they are, especially with what they wear, so I wanted to make a post devoted to things I think Pam would wear to Fangtasia (sorry if you don't understand my references, but you should definitely watch True Blood and see for yourself).


ponynamedlucifer said...

I totaly understand you. The characters are so bad ass cool and I love their proverbs! So funny!

I'm really looking forward to season four!

!♥ m i m i said...

I love vampires too. Just not the Stephenie Meyer type heheh. I haven't watched True Blood just yet (I like to start from beginning and work my way to current episodes but I've been too lazy to START watching =.=) but I've read the first portion of the first book of what True Blood is based upon.

Though the names are tacky (in the book) the story and plot and dialogue is really witty and interesting! SO MUCHBETTER THAN TWILIGHT :O

I reccommend the book! It's called hmm Dead Until Dark, I believe.

Anyhoo, i love these images. Great post!

Sara said...

Nice blog. :))
If you want, follow me and I'll follow you back. :))

Tayler said...

totally love the black denim dress!

Style Interplay

<3 <3

neon rose said...

Love vampire novels, need to read Twilight - seen the films but didn't think they were that great, but I've heard that the books are much better. TBH, going off vampire books at the moment, they're all a bit cliche; but still looking forward to reading them.

Much love from your newest follower-