Saturday, June 4, 2011


I need to find a new way to upload photos because photobucket is too annoying. Sorry for the small photo sizes. I'm back at home and enjoying it immensely, but due to space issues I had to leave a lot of my clothes at my dad's until next week. :( It's nice to be in my own room again.


p.s. here is the DIY video for the shirt I cut up pictured above:


Erin said...

Your shirt is really cool! I love it. When it comes to pictures, I use a Nikon digital camera with like a memory card. So I put the memory card into the computer and have it create a folder of the pictures. Then I go into a photo editing program (I use Corel Paint Shop Pro) and then you can crop them and do effects and such. Then you can save the edited photos. Then when you're posting on your blog you go to the picture-adding thingamajig and find the pictures on your computer.

Hope this helped! It might not, as my camera is kind of outdated, but maybe this process works for more modern cameras!


Mariella said...

Love both those tops! Can't see the video though :( And when I'm posting photos I always upload them from my computer straight from my computer too, I find it's a lot easier :)
Mariella xxx

Orangegir1 said...

oh Thanks! I like it!